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Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to expand economic ties between Texas and Israel.


Israel is the world’s start-up nation, a world leader in cutting-edge technology across diverse sectors, and pioneers technologies that companies seek in the 21st century.


The Texas-Israel Alliance is uniquely designed to broker win-win economic and strategic relationships between the "Lone Star" states, so that the State of Texas can leverage all the innovation that Israel has to offer. 


Our Board of Directors and membership base include many of the most influential business leaders in the state of Texas.

What We Do

We broker strategic agreements, initiatives, and partnerships, all of which facilitate Texas-Israel economic ties at a macro level and lower the barrier of entry for all.


We provide services to companies in the form of economic matchmaking — scouting for technology, partners, customers and investors — and work throughout each company's verticals to maximize benefits resulting from Israeli partnerships. 

Both our global strategic work and our services to companies are mutually beneficial and make us the hub around which private and public entities can pool resources, allowing us to bring value greater than the sum of our parts.

Why Texas?

Texas is the ideal state in which to generate and maximize win-win partnerships with the State of Israel.  

Texas is the second largest economy in the US and is the most diverse in terms of which industries drive the economy (Energy, high-tech, defense, agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, and finance).

Texas ranks first in the United States in economic climate for doing business


Texas has experienced more economic growth than any other state in recent years


Texas is home to 3 of the top 5 fastest economically growing cities in the US. 

The political landscape in Texas is incredibly supportive of ​the State of Israel and we believe the future looks bright.

Both “Lone Star” states are built on the pioneer spirit, entrepreneurship, and the love of freedom and democracy. Both states cultivated difficult terrains to grow societies of liberty and prosperity.  


“You can always count on Texas. Any anti-Israel policy is an anti-Texas policy. Texas is not going to do business with any company that boycotts Israel.”      ~ Governor Greg Abbott, May 2017

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Executive Director

Toba Hellerstein

Toba joins us after a successful career in global business development and foreign market advisory, with a special focus on Israel. Toba has managed consulting projects for companies considering hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment in energy, infrastructure, high-tech, and defense. She has served as a trusted trilingual expert on political, business & security issues at several firms. Earlier, Toba worked as an analyst at the Israeli embassy in Paris where she also obtained a master's degree in Middle Eastern Affairs from the top French diplomacy school, Sciences Po Paris.

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