Corporate Membership

The Texas-Israel Alliance is a unique membership-based organization that promotes business opportunities for and on behalf of its members. Our organization spearheads bold initiatives that forge enduring relationships between companies and government stakeholders in Texas and Israel. We leverage the robust economic ecosystems of both states to cultivate collaboration, innovation, and governmental engagement.

Core Areas of Focus

Scouting partnerships and technology for our members

Advocating for members through governmental partnerships (local, federal, international)
Brokering and developing industrialized joint R&D funding opportunities for members
Holding major industry events to promote industry and government engagement for members
Building collaborative partnerships on behalf of our members

Promoting our members to customer, investment, and regulatory communities


The Texas-Israel Alliance pursues compelling industry initiatives through its alliances, including The Texas-Israel Energy Alliance, The Texas-Israel Cybersecurity Alliance, The Texas-Israel Aerospace and Defense Alliance, and The Texas-Israel Water Alliance.

Membership Levels

Texas-Israel Alliance membership holds a myriad of benefits throughout our core areas of focus, beyond individual Alliances. Membership levels are however defined via the Alliances.


Alliance Chairperson


Alliance Executive Committee


Alliance Membership

Membership checks can be mailed to: 3005 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite D-109 #106, Austin, TX 78704

For more information please contact CEO Toba Hellerstein at