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Water Initiative

Israel leads the world in water innovation in areas as diverse as leakage, farming efficiency, recycling waste, desalination, aquifer storage, oil and gas industry water efficiency, etc. Israel has created a veritable water revolution unlike anywhere in the world, and the Texas-Israel Alliance is committed to helping the state of Texas leverage these diverse solutions.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

In the field of healthcare, the states collaborate to enhance their constant developments in medical technology. As recently as 2010, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center entered into a cooperative, five-year agreement with the Rabin Medical Center in Israel to collaborate on faculty and student exchange programs, as well as the development of joint studies, research and training activities, and other educational programs of mutual interest. Relationships like this help to increase productivity on both ends, in addition to helping patients gain access to world-class treatment around the globe.

Texas-Israel Cyber Security Conference "Securing Our Critical Infrastructure"

May 31, 2018

The Texas-Israel Cyber Security Conference "Securing Our Critical Infrastructure" is the anchor event to the Cybersecurity Working Group initiative launched by the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office in June 2017, which aims to build stronger US-Israel Cyber Security cooperation on critical infrastructure.

AT&T Innovation: The Israel Connection

This event honors AT&T as an elite technology, media and telecom company that pioneers disruptive solutions for the benefit of customers worldwide. The event recognizes AT&T’s important work and ongoing investment in Israel, driving cutting edge innovation through world-class R&D facilities and AT&T's Foundry innovation center teams.

$2 Million Joint R&D Program

The Israeli government and the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce are engaging in a $2 million joint R&D program to further support collaborative efforts between the states. Governor Abbott has endorsed this agreement and its positive impact on future opportunities for economic collaboration.

Texas-Israel Work Abroad Scholarship

Our mission is to foster the next generation of Texas-Israel collaboration, which will lead to important global solutions in areas as critical and diverse as water, energy, defense, and healthcare.  We empower top graduate school students from across Texas and Israel to learn about exciting business and technology opportunities in the other Lone Star State, in order to leverage each others competitive edge in business and technology.

Energy Initiative

The Energy Initiative is a strategic program of engagement with energy companies on the basis of their technological needs, which can be met by the world’s most cutting edge Israeli innovation. By facilitating the integration of critical Israeli technology throughout the energy sector’s pipeline, we can play a strategic role in recalibrating our nation’s economic interests toward its strategic interests.

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