Corporate Membership

Israel is the world’s start-up nation, a world leader in cutting edge technology across diverse sectors.

We are a non-profit organization uniquely designed to leverage innovation for companies in Texas, cultivating critical business with our greatest strategic ally: Israel.

As America’s most diversified economy, Texas companies need diverse, innovative solutions to promote economic growth.

Israel is a powerhouse in developing cutting edge technologies that can make Texan companies across sectors more efficient and profitable.

Introduce the world’s most advanced technology to your business and be part of a community of leaders who promote the US-Israel strategic relationship.

“Israel offers technology solutions we didn’t even know existed.

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce helps your company find

the world’s best technology in a myriad of industries.”

- Executive of a major Texas engineering company


“The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce makes me feel like I’m part of a

bigger team. They provide invaluable advisory support, connections, and insight.”

- Founder of a leading Israeli technology company


“There’s no question that one of our most critical economic partners

in the United States is the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce,

and as a result we give them extensive access.”

- Senior Foreign Trade official at the Israeli Ministry of Economy

The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce helps companies by scouting technologies, partners, and customers. We aid companies and government officials and can help navigate business, cultural, and regulatory hurdles.

Individual Sponsorship

Personal donors deeply understand the importance of the US-Israeli relationship, and knows the critical role that Texas plays in anchoring it through economic, political, and social & religious ties between the US and Israel. Personal sponsors help finance initiatives which bring our Lone Star State communities closer together, and invests in projects that build relationships for generations to come

- R&D Agreements & large-scale projects between Texas & Israel on areas of shared interest

- Events promoting & educating on areas of economic opportunity between Israel & Texas

- Partnerships between Texas & Israeli government bodies, which foster strategic ties

- Junior Chamber of Commerce program that promotes Texas-Israel student cooperation for the next generation of economic ties between the Lone Star States