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First F-35 Fighter Jets Arrived in Israel

On December 12th, Israel received its first F-35 fighter jets. The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate our Advocate level member Elbit Systems on an incredibly strategic business success: Elbit Systems Ltd manufactured the pilot’s helmets, and Elbit Systems- Cyclone produced the outer wings. Israel is the first country outside of the United States to receive the F-35, which is a stealth fighter jet capable of evading enemy radar, flying at supersonic speeds. On Nov 27, the Israeli security cabinet unanimously approved the purchase of 17 additional F-35 planes, meaning that the Israeli Armed Forces will have 50 of these jets in total. These aircraft are part of a memorandum of understanding signed this year in which the United States pledged an unprecedented $38 billion in security assistance over the next 10 years. According to Secretary of Defense Carter, “Israel is our first and only friend in the region that’s flying F-35s. And it’s my honor to be here marking the delivery of these America’s closest friend and ally in the region.” According to Raanan Horowitz, the CEO of Elbit Systems of Americas, a Texas state congressional delegation attended the ceremony in Israel and watched as Israel put the country’s Jewish star insignia on the aircraft.

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