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US-Israeli Defense Cooperation

On December 8th, the US Congress authorized $600.7 million for US-Israeli missile defense cooperation within the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. These funds will help Israel defend its citizens against rocket and missile threats, and will further America’s own missile defense programs. Specifically, there will be:

  • $268.7 million in research and development funding for U.S.-Israel cooperative missile and rocket defense programs;

  • $62 million for procurement of the Iron Dome rocket defense system;

  • $150 million for procurement of the David’s Sling missile defense system; and

  • $120 million for procurement of the Arrow-3 missile defense system.

In addition to missile defense funding, this legislation will also include:

  • Authorizing $10 million in additional funds for U.S.-Israel anti-tunnel cooperation;

  • Requiring a report on the potential for the United States and Israel to collaborate on directed energy technologies to defeat rockets and missiles;

  • Authorizing the Secretary of Defense to cooperate with allies such as Israel in the area of water resources management;

  • Requiring a quarterly report describing any confirmed ballistic missile launches by Iran, along with efforts to impose sanctions in response; and

  • Requiring information on Iran’s cyber capabilities to be incorporated in the annual report on Iran’s military power, mandated under existing law.

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