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Super Bowl Brings Revenue Into Houston

According to a study commissioned by the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, the Super Bowl brought in bring in nearly $350 million for the city of Houston. An estimated 138,000 non-resident visitors were in Houston, spending money on hotels, food and beverage, and retail & shopping.

Intel Unveils Israel-Developed Technology at Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl NFL final in Houston, Intel Corp. unveiled Israeli developed action replay technology "Be the Player," which replays the action from the player's viewpoint. The technology was developed in Israel by Replay Technologies, the Tel Aviv based startup, which was acquired by Intel last March for $175 million.

This represents a terrific opportunity for Texas gas companies to explore gas in this resource-rich region of the Mediterranean sea. The Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce has extremely strong connections within the Israeli ministries, and we will serve as a primary advocate and support for companies in Texas pursuing the current bidding round.

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