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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Announces Israel Initiative

There is a new Texas Department of Agriculture trade initiative to strengthen ties between the State of Texas and Israel. As a part of that initiative, Miller’s office is already working on discussions with Israeli companies to invest in production, distribution, and marketing centers in Texas.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced in early January that he would travel to Israel in March to meet with regional and national officials, including Uri Ariel, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, to discuss vital agricultural issues, including trade and jobs.

According to Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller:

“I am going to deliver the message to our trade partners in Israel that Texas is open for business and that we are looking forward to strengthening the bond between Texas and Israel”

“Whether working on agricultural technology such as livestock genetics, finding solutions to our future water needs, increasing Texas exports or creating new jobs for both Texas and Israel, we have only scratched the surface of the ways we can work together”

According to Israeli Agriculture Commissioner Uri Ariel:

“I look forward to working closely with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Miller and his team to strengthen the already strong ties that exist between Israel and Texas”

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