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U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel is Immune From Trump Budget Cuts

In early March, the Trump Administration announced plans to review the country’s current foreign aid budget, causing concern that Israel would be included in this "universal review." However, the Trump administration soon clarified that the military aid provided to Israel, $3.1 billion annually, would indeed be maintained. In fact, President Trump directed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that despite his great discretion on foreign aid cuts, aid to Israel would be considered a national priority. As stated in the proposal, the plan, “provides $3.1 billion to meet the security assistance commitment to Israel, currently at an all-time high [sic]; ensuring that Israel has the ability to defend itself from threats and maintain its Qualitative Military Edge.”[1]

The US-Israel relationship will continue to be treated as exceptional and strategic. Israel will continue to receive the most US foreign aid, but the grand majority of this aid is spent on US defense products, thus directly infusing the US economy. In fact, the majority of this money is spent in the Fort Worth area in Texas. States in the United States can also reinforce this strategic alliance by cultivating strategic cooperation with Israel through economic partnerships.

[1] Text from the proposal found in Times of Israel article:


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