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U.S. Company Symantec Acquires Another Israeli Cybersecurity Firm

California-based cybersecurity firm Symantec Corp. announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire U.S./Israeli-based mobile device company, Skycure. This announcement comes shortly after Symantec announced its plan to purchase the Tel Aviv-based cyber company Hexadite for $250 million.

Whereas many people may not think of mobile devices when the idea of cyberattacks comes to mind, the apps and data on them are susceptible to cyber threats. Skycure seeks to combat this problem through its innovative and unique holistic, layered mobile security system that predicts and detects cyber threats. Symantec’s CEO Greg Clark expressed his expectation of success in the acquisition, “The promise of a mobile threat defense that comes from a combination like Skycure and Symantec is compelling. As we look ahead, we believe the future is mobile-first and requires protection levels that single platform vendors will struggle to provide on their own.”

As Israeli cybersecurity firms attract the attention of companies in the U.S., Texas companies should also seek ways to take advantage of this area of economic overlap that it shares with the Jewish state. In fact, unbeknownst to many, second to the nation’s capital, the city of San Antonio possesses the greatest amount of cyber professionals in the U.S. as it pertains to talent, jobs and research.

Having over 50 cybersecurity companies, multiple federal agencies such as the 24th Air Force and the FBI cyber division as well as institutions of higher education such as the University of Texas in San Antonio that has nationally renowned cybersecurity programs-- San Antonio is soon to be called “Cybersecurity City, USA.” Thus, to strengthen U.S. economic ties with the nation of Israel, San Antonio companies are in the perfect position to look into partnering with Israeli cybersecurity firms that specialize in unique approaches to fighting cyber threats.


  • Info Over Symantec’s Purchase of Skycure:

  • Info. Over Symantec’s Purchase of Hexadite:

  • Skycure Website (contains description of the company):

  • Symantec Website Press Release of the Skycure Purchase:

  • Special Report By San Antonio local news station on Cybersecurity City, USA:

  • Info. Containing San Antonio Cybersecurity Companies, Federal Agencies and Institutions of

  • Higher Education:

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