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San Antonio Biotech Company Hoping to Further Expand Internationally

Acelity, a biotech company based in San Antonio, Texas that utilizes biotechnology to meet Advanced Wound Therapy needs is further pursuing its international expansion strategy through the announcement of its new president, Ramesh Subrahmanian. His former position as International Group President of Stryker medical technology company has allowed Subrahmanian to have business experience in multiple countries such as Japan, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East!

Already having product presence in 90 countries and having aided in over 800,000 clinical procedures worldwide, Acelity is making great success in achieving its overarching global mission. With Subrahmanian’s experience in the biomedical business in the Middle East, however, this may open the door for the Texas-based biotech firm to have greater presence in countries within that region such as Israel. Accordingly, this could potentially allow Acelity to form economic bonds with successful biomed companies in the region such as MediWound Ltd. which is an Israeli biotech startup that, like Acelity, develops medical products in the pursuit of wound management and therapy.

Acelity’s current President and CEO, R. Andrew Eckert, expressed his optimism in the future of the biotech company’s global mission, “Ramesh brings to Acelity a diverse and wide-ranging set of capabilities that will accelerate our global expansion plans...we are now well positioned to execute on our strategy of geographic expansion and truly deliver our therapies to people across the globe.” [1]


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