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Israeli Biotech Company Collaborates with U.S. Agritech Giant

Israeli Biotech company Evogene Ltd., has signed a multi-year contract with U.S. agritech company DuPont Pioneer agreeing to collaborate on research and development (R&D) on microbiome-based seed treatments in corn. From this contract, both companies hope to use their respective technologies to create biostimulant products for farmers to best preserve and maximize corn yields.

As developments in chemistry have allowed improvements in seed traits and crop protection, ag-biologicals are further able to complement these developments and help increase agricultural productivity. In recognition of the potential benefits biostimulants will contribute to crop yields, the billion-dollar biostimulant market, with a projected annual growth rate at 10%, is expected to continue to expand as agritech companies like Evogene and DuPont Pioneer merge in the pursuit of further ag-biological development. Overall, Evogene’s efforts to utilize its biotech skills in furtherance of improving crop technology and DuPont Pioneer’s expertise in developing and supplying advanced plant genetics suggest great promise that a biostimulant to increase corn yields will result.

Although DuPont Pioneer is a firm based out of Iowa, Texas should also consider ways in which it can work with Israeli biotech firms to improve its agricultural potential. Unbeknownst to many, Texas possesses 15% of total US farm acreage, but only 6% of total US market value of agricultural products. Accordingly, to take advantage of its great potential to agriculturally expand, Texan farmers should perhaps also look into allying with Israeli biotech firms to research and develop the best means to preserve and leverage potential crop yield.


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