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  • Rebekah Mercer

Israeli Firm Introduces New “Vaccine” to Fight Off Cyberattacks!

The Remcos RAT (remote access tool) is a software that allows computer users to control and manage their computer settings away from their own computer. Although the RAT has the benefit of remote computer management, it ability to “control from afar” can unfortunately also been used as a cyber weapon by computer hackers. ,

For example, there have been incidents of hackers emailing attached links of RATs to innocent computer users that, when clicked on, give the hacker remote access and control over the computers. Accordingly, this malware opens the opportunity for cyber attackers to use the virus as a means to even install ransomware which is a threat to block off or shutdown a computer unless a sum of money is paid.

To fight off these attacks Israeli cybertech firm, Cybereason, has created what it refers to a “vaccine” that will “neutralize Remcos before it starts to run.” This vaccine consists of a two-file download that is sure to keep computers clean and protected from the RAT virus.

As elaborated in the article, “Help Needed!”: How Israel Can Provide U.S. Companies with Cybersecurity Talent,” U.S. corporations face cyber attacks that threaten vital aspects of business such a firm’s intellectual property and consequently its daily productivity. Accordingly, the implementation of further threat blockers such as Cybereason’s two-file vaccine, should be considered as a weapon that corporations can use in fighting the cyber war through preventing cyber breaches.

For more information on the vaccine visit:


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