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  • Rebekah Mercer

Israel Tech Firm Aiding Mexico Find Victims of the Recent Earthquakes

Over the last months, we have seen numerous natural disasters from hurricanes to earthquakes cause tremendous destruction and casualties in many parts of the Western Hemisphere. In mid-September, the nation of Mexico particularly was struck by 2 powerful earthquakes that not only destroyed infrastructure, but also took the lives of hundreds of the nation’s citizens..

In the efforts to provide aid to the regions that have been adversely affected by the earthquakes, Israeli assistance is not only present in the search and rescue efforts of aid groups such as IsraAid, which was also sent to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, (see “Israeli aid group rushes to help flooded Houston”) . In fact, the Startup Nation’s technological expertise is proving to play a special role in recovery efforts as evidenced by an Israeli tech firm’s innovative radar system which is helping Mexican officials locate the bodies of victims that are buried in the aftermath of the Mexican earthquakes.

Camero-Tech is an Israeli firm that has developed a tool referred to as the Xavar that utilizes radio wave technology to see up to 20 meters through walls of varying thicknesses thus serving as a tool for rescue volunteers to locate the bodies of victims that are buried in the rubble of the earthquakes’ disastrous aftermath. Camero-Tech CEO Amir Beeri shared with the Times of Israel, “We got reports from our representative in Mexico that our technology is being used there by the rescue workers and he sent us TV images that show our systems in use.”

The company developed 3 main Xavar products for search and rescue that each specialize in providing different types of information concerning the internal structure of a dilapidated building and also the kinds of objects located behind a wall, whether that be human life or small animals.

Beeri further stated that his company sold to Mexico’s army and rescue teams tens of these devices and they have been proven to not only aid in the discovery of many bodies, but these devices have also been credited for saving many lives of those who remained alive but trapped in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Overall, as search and rescue operations continue to ensue and more natural disasters appear to be threatening the Western Hemisphere again with the soon-to-approach Hurricane Nate, Israeli technology such as Camero-Tech’s Xavar and aid Israeli aid services are sure to continue to be reliable sources of recovery aid.

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