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  • Rebekah Mercer

Texas and Israel: Both Playing Key Roles in Oil Exportation to India!

A recent article published by the Dallas Business Journal emphasized the Lone Star State’s key role in the export of U.S. crude oil to India since the first shipment in 1975.

The Journal points out this interesting connection following the recent shipment of 1.6 billion barrels of U.S. crude oil that arrived to the seaport town of Paradip in India this past Tuesday (10/10). Freeport, Texas, was one of the two domestic ports that helped load the tanker, the MT New Prosperity, to the Indian seaport toen Paradip.

Former Texas Governor and now current Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry expressed his excitement in the recent oil collaboration between the U.S. and India and expressed that he expects that this continued alliance will not come without mutual economic benefits. The Secretary states, “I am proud of the collaborative work between the United States and India that will increase jobs, economic stability, and national security in both countries.”

As the U.S. continues to foster economic relations with India, unbeknownst to many Westerners, Israel has also recognized the importance of maintaining a strong alliance with this Southeast-Asian country. The growth in economic and political ties between Israel and India is evidenced by the signing of major defense deals between both nations and the historic visit to Israel made by India’s Prime Minister Dradmendra Pradhan in July.

In fact, following this visit, the Indian Prime Minister in early September announced that his nationa also plans to import oil from Israel. PM Pradhan shared with Reuters, “We will definitely bid for Israel’s oil-and-gas blocks.” In addition to this announcement. Reuters also confirmed that a highly-respected Indian delegation met with Israeli officials in August to discuss plans to play a part in the tender of offshore oil blocks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Whereas further developments relating to the Indian acquisition of Israeli oil-and-gas exploration blocks are still pending, the fact that both Texas and Israel are playing key roles in exportation of oil to India just comes to show how this area of economic overlap between both “Lone Star States” can have major influence in fostering international relations.

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