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  • Rebekah Mercer

Israeli Startups Raise Over Half a Billion Dollars in October!

A recent article from Israeli business news publication Globes announced that Israeli startups received investments rounding up to around $550 Million in the month of October alone! This totals to a figure of approximately $4.35 billion raised by startups in the first 10 months of 2017!

Rather than their being small investments spread out amongst various firms, there are three major ones that account for 68% of the investments garnered in the last month. These three Israeli companies consist of a cybersecurity firm (Skybox-$150 million), a fintech company (BlueVine-$130 million) and a cloud storage solutions company (Infinidat-$95 million).

The total amount of funds raised for Israeli startups may be more considering that some companies choose to not publish their investments raised. Considering this tremendous investment boom since last year from the information available, however, it is clear that the “Startup Nation” continues to surpass expectations and succeed!

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