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The Texas-Israel Alliance

is uniquely designed to broker win-win economic and strategic relationships between the "Lone Star" States

Texas-Israel Alliance's Water Initiative recognized on January 30th 2019
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Celebrating Innovation in Israel

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On October 10th, the Texas-Israel Alliance hosted business, government and community leaders from Dallas and beyond for an evening event honoring innovation in Israel and particularly AT&T for its investments in Texas and Israel. Texas-Israel Alliance Chairman, George Seay, welcomed guests, among them Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings and 3 previous Mayors of Dallas. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was also in attendance as were, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Straus and Congressman Pete Sessions. Guest speaker Igal Elbaz, SVP of Wireless Technology at AT&T, addressed the crowd and spoke of the critical role Israeli innovation plays in AT&T’s technological advancements. Throughout the evening guests enjoyed a technology showcase of Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Cyber Security Conference
Securing Critical Infrastructure








The Texas-Israel Cybersecurity Conference in Dallas, TX on May 31 was a resounding success. The room was packed with senior government officials and leaders from across the energy and cybersecurity industries. At the event, Secretary Rick Perry, Chairman Michael McCaul, and Congressman John Ratcliffe all spoke to the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship concerning energy and cybersecurity and the strategic significance of Texas in this regard.​


January 30, 2019



(AUSTIN) -- Today, the Texas-Israel Alliance, a not-for-profit group dedicated to strengthening economic ties between the State of Texas and the Nation of Israel, was recognized in the Texas House by Representative Phil King and in the Texas Senate by Senator Jose Rodriguez for its Texas-Israel water initiative.


State Representative King and State Senator Rodriguez's resolutions recognize the Texas-Israel Alliance’s work, bringing Texas and Israeli expertise together in the arena of ensuring ample, clean water for generations of Texans to come.


“Israel and Texas share water needs as well as some of the top expertise in the field of water conservation,” stated Representative King.  “The ability to share our experience and technology can be a true win-win for both Texas and Israel.”


“No one who lived through the ‘Great Texas Drought’ of a decade ago will ever lose sight of the importance of water to the future of Texas”, said George Seay, Chairman of the Texas - Israel Alliance.  “I’m encouraged by the promise of cooperation between Texas and Israel in developing advanced water technologies to efficiently use our most precious resource for drinking water, agriculture, the oil & gas industry, and so many other needed uses of H2O.  Water cooperation should facilitate additional cooperation in agriculture, health care, oil & gas, and other industries, in the process dramatically increasing commerce and trade between Texas and Israel.”


According to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), the state’s top water agency, adequate water resources in Texas will continue to deplete, in large part due to significant population expansion. Existing water supplies are expected to diminish over the next 50 years while economic development in Texas will continue to drive water demand. This pattern will put immense pressure on Texas’s water resources, weakening the State’s ability to provide water for Texans during times of drought.


Israel is the world’s most influential and successful innovator in water management systems and technology. This reputation is in part because Israel is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world, and scarcity bred ingenuity. Indeed, the country is 60% desert and 40% semiarid. In contrast, Texas is only 12% desert.


In the late 1920’s, British Economists estimated that no more than 2 million people could ever reside in what is today called Israel, in large part due to limited water supplies. Today, Israel has a population approaching 9 million people, and is actually a net water exporter.


The Texas-Israel Alliance has published a thorough and intensely reviewed white paper on water demands and supply in Texas, and how the nation of Israel has innovated in similar climates and industries.


The Texas-Israel Alliance has close partnerships with high-level Texas government entities on water management solutions and the Texas-Israel collaboration nexus. The Texas-Israel Alliance has assembled two expert water advisory councils, one in Texas and one in Israel, consisting of the greatest minds in water innovation to facilitate collaboration.


The Water Initiative

Israel leads the world in water innovation in areas as diverse as leakage, farming efficiency, recycling waste, desalination, aquifer storage, oil and gas industry water efficiency, etc. Israel has created a veritable water revolution unlike anywhere in the world, and the Texas-Israel Alliance is committed to helping the state of Texas leverage this diverse solutions.

The Energy Initiative

The Energy Initiative is a strategic program of engagement with energy companies on the basis of their technological needs, which can be met by the world’s most cutting edge Israeli innovation. By facilitating the integration of critical Israeli technology throughout the energy sector’s pipeline, we can play a strategic role in recalibrating our nation’s economic interests toward its strategic interests.

Work Abroad Scholarship

The Israel-Texas Science & Education Foundation's mission is to foster the next generation of Texas-Israel collaboration, which will lead to important global solutions in areas as critical and diverse as water, energy, defense, and healthcare. Our program empowers top graduate school students from across Texas and Israel to learn about exciting business & technology opportunities in the other Lone Star State, in order to leverage each others competitive edge in business and technology.

$2 Million Joint

R&D Agreement

$2 Million Joint R&D Program

The Israeli government and the Texas-Israel Alliance are engaging in a $2 million joint R&D program in order to further support collaborative efforts between the states. Texas Governor Abbott has endorsed this agreement and its positive impact on opportunities for economic collaboration.

AT&T Israeli Innovation

This event honors AT&T as an elite technology, media and telecom company that pioneers disruptive solutions for the benefit of customers worldwide. The event recognizes AT&T’s important work and ongoing investment in Israel, driving cutting edge innovation through world-class R&D facilities and AT&T's Foundry innovation center teams.

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