The Energy Initiative

The Energy Initiative is a strategic program of engagement with energy companies on the basis of their technological needs, which can be met by the world’s most cutting edge Israeli innovation. By facilitating the integration of critical Israeli technology throughout the energy sector’s pipeline, we can play a strategic role in recalibrating our nation’s economic interests toward its strategic interests.
The US energy industry, headquartered in Texas, plays a major role in shaping American interests worldwide. Currently, our energy companies have enormous assets in states hostile to Israel, which means that large contingents of the US economy are supporting countries that do not share US interests.
The diverse technologies in Israel increase the efficiency of oil and gas operations while reducing costs. A Texas-Israel partnership can help ensure US energy security by underwriting our technological success and making our energy companies the most efficient companies throughout the value chain.
The Texas-Israel Alliance offers scouting and matchmaking services for Texan energy companies to be paired with relevant Israeli technologies in diverse areas. We have partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Israeli Ministry of Innovation, and the Israeli Ministry of Energy & Water in order to effectively maximize the amount of Israeli technology that can be brought to energy companies.

This initiative strives to create success stories for partnership with Israel in the energy sector, an industry that is currently highly aligned with nations hostile to Israel. In contrast, the energy companies we work with will serve as major champions for the win-win economic relationship between Israel and the United States, via our nation’s energy headquarters in Texas.