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Healthcare & Life Sciences Innovation


On October 25th the Texas-Israel Alliance held the Texas-Israel Healthcare & Life Sciences Innovation conference, a tremendously successful and substantive event with over 300 registered guests from leadership positions across Texas and Israel in the healthcare and life sciences arena.


At the conference, FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Dr. Amy Abernethy spoke about Israeli innovation in healthcare and life sciences.


One of the conference goals was to open a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) office in Israel, which would serve as a critical step in facilitating technology transfer between the US and Israel in the health space. 

Only a few days later, US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin met with Texas-Israel Alliance partners and the US Ambassador to Israel to discuss this FDA office. 

The Case for Texas: Texas as the “Third Coast”

Moderated by George Seay


  • Julie Goonewardene, Chief Innovation & HR Officer at University of Texas System

  • Tom Luce, Founder and Chairman of Texas 2036

  • Dr. Vincent Michaud, Deputy Chief Health and Medical Officer at NASA

  • Colonel Ortiz, Chief Medical Modernization Division, Army Futures Command

  • Wayne Roberts, CEO of Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)


The Israeli Life Science Innovation Ecosystem Explained



  • Guy Hilton, General Manager of Start-Up Nation Central

  • Claire Aldridge, Associate Vice President for Commercialization and Business Development


“Advancing the Ecosystem & Capital Raising” Discussion

Moderated by: John Gilluly III, Partner and Co-Chair at DLA Piper


  • Doug French, Managing Director at Sante Ventures

  • RA Session, Chief Business Officer at BridgeBio

  • Nicole Small, CEO Lyda Hill Philanthropies and LH Capital 

  • Lou Tartaglia, Venture Partner at 5AM Ventures

  • Peter Urbanowicz, Principal at Paintbrush Partner


“UT Southwestern Medical Center Partnership with Rabin Medical Center”

Moderated by: Toba Hellerstein, CEO of the Texas-Israel Alliance



  • Dr. David Russell, Vice Provost and Dean of Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Dr. Boaz Tadmor, Director of R&D at Rabin Medical Center


Discussion around the Rabin Medical Center Partnership with UT Southwestern Medical Center, led by David Wiessman, Founder of the Texas-Israel Alliance


FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy Fireside 




  • Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner (#2 at the FDA, serving directly under the Interim Commissioner of the FDA)

  • Moderated by: Danny Tobey, Partner at DLA Piper


“Impactful Big Data in Healthcare” Discussion

Moderated by: Max Korenvaes


  • Randy Peak, Partner at DLA Piper

  • Mathew Thomas Pulickel, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technologies at WorldLink

  • Aman Quadri, Chief Strategy Officer at AMSYS & CEO at AMCHART Initiative

  • Bharathwaj Rajagopal, General Manager of Microsoft US Healthcare Services

  • Dr. Boaz Tadmor, Director of R&D at Rabin Medical Center in Israel


Israel-Texas Healthcare Collaboration & Case Studies

Moderated by: Anat Zeidman



  • Ori Hofnung, CEO of GiantLeap

  • Lance Black, Associate Director of the Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx)

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