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US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and the Safeguard Israel Act

Upon Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the White House in late February, Jewish business and community leaders lobbied Congress to pass the Safeguard Israel Act. This bill which would defund U.S. allocations to the United Nations until the controversial UNSCR 2334 plan is repealed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz proposed this bill along with Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina in a direct response to the December UN resolution that condemned Israel settlement activity. Senator Cruz contends, “Congress must hold the UN accountable and use our leverage as its largest contributor to push for the repeal of this resolution, making it clear to the world that Congress stands unequivocally against efforts to undermine Israel.” [1]

Although the Safeguard Israel Act still remains in the early stages of introduction, if passed it could have major implications. Relative to other member states, the U.S. is the largest contributor to U.N. funding, providing 22% of the international institution’s budget. Accordingly, the passage of the Safeguard Israel Act would send a clear message of the U.S.’s strong alliance with Israel and also serve as a good predictor to the international community of the new Trump administration’s stance on future issues raised in the U.N. Security Council. This bill could significantly influence future UN actions on Israeli settlement activity.

[1] Quote taken from Cruz’s govt. site:


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