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  • Rebekah Mercer

San Antonio Biotech Firm Expands Internationally

StemBioSys Inc., a biotech firm based in San Antonio, recently entered into an agreement with Caltag Medsystems Ltd. which will distribute and market StemBioSys products in the European Union.

StemBioSys Inc. is a privately owned firm that makes innovative stem cell technologies to further enhance regenerative medicine. Dr. Xiao-Dong Chen developed the patented CELLvo Matrix which replicates the environment needed for mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to keep their stem-like properties longer, thus allowing scientists to better maintain a great amount of high-quality cells for research.

Dr. Chen partnered with San Antonio dermatologist Dr. Steven Davis and obtained a license securing the CELLvo technology, Dr. Chen was able to commercialize the product and form the company—StemBioSys. Since then, StemBioSys has expanded and improved its stem cell technology. According to StemBioSys, although its products are currently primarily used in research environments, there is great potential for clinical usage in the future, particularly in the area of regenerative medicine which is a field of medicine seeking to find methods to fully heal damaged tissues and organs.

The agreement between StemBioSys and Caltag opens the door for a Texas biotechnology firm to the global stage and boost recognition. StemBioSys President and CEO Bob Hutchins explained the significance of this collaboration,

“Europe has many progressive research institutions and key opinion leaders in stem cell research. Making our novel products readily available to these groups should foster new discoveries in this rapidly progressing field.”

Overall, this expansion can very well allow the SA-based biotech firm to have a presence that goes even beyond the E.U. and perhaps even attract the attention of the Startup Nation of Israel in the near future!


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