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Israeli Technology Able to Make Water From Thin Air

Israeli technology was utilized following the devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Initially designed to assist military personnel in harsh environments, the technology is now being implemented for humanitarian causes globally, as reported by Newsmax.

It works best in humid climates and uses energy equivalent to that of a strong lightbulb to produce between 160 to 1,600 gallons of water daily depending on the size of the unit.

The water produced is incredibly pure. While working on the relief effort at Port Arthur, Texas, Red Cross facilities coordinator Kevin Berges commented,

“[the water] tastes like it's off a glacier. It's the second-best tasting water I think I've ever had -- glacier water is the only thing better, I think”

Ultimately, the companies vision is a decentralized water supply. The Israeli company and their U.S. affiliate WaterGen believe strongly in their moral responsibility to distribute this technology to needy populations in developing countries.

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