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$2 Million R&D Agreement

The Israeli government and the Texas-Israel Alliance are engaging in a $2 million joint Research & Development program to further support collaborative efforts between the states. Governor Abbott has endorsed this agreement and its positive impact on future opportunities for economic collaboration.
The Israeli government is dedicating $1 million in funding to contribute to the further development of this strategic relationship. The Israeli Ministry of Economy’s Innovation Authority is committed to initiating and developing deep economic partnerships with Texas through R&D programs. The Texas-Israel Alliance is charged with identifying matching funds from institutions and companies in Texas, and coordinating and overseeing projects.
The purpose of this R&D agreement is to:


  1. Leverage Israeli technology for the benefit of the Texan economy

  2. Spearhead collaboration between Texan and Israeli companies

  3. Promote future opportunities for Texas-Israel economic collaboration

Israel is a world technology leader in the very areas where Texas requires innovative solutions: water, energy, healthcare, defense. The Texas-Israel Alliance cultivates and leverages opportunities that bring shared prosperity to close strategic partners. We believe that relationships are only sustainable when everyone wins, and we work to ensure that Texas may serve as a model to the world for what we can gain by working with Israel.

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