The Water Initiative

Through the Texas-Israel Alliance’s historic Israel-Texas Water Innovation Showcase in May 2017, we have built strong relationships across Texas water entities and understood the enormous potential for Israeli water technology integration across the state of Texas.


Texas has a plethora of severe and systematic water needs across diverse sectors and there is a strong appetite across water governance bodies in Texas to leverage Israeli innovation to meet the needs of the state. The goal of The Water Initiative is to leverage funding the network, funding apparatuses, and legal frameworks around water in Texas all to promote Israeli technology en masse throughout the state.


Water needs in Texas are so severe to the extent that government agencies across the board view tackling water issues as one of the main strategies to ensure economic development for the state. According to the official state Texas water resource development body, Texas Water Development Board, if bold new water systems and technologies are not introduced, the annual economic losses resulting from water shortages would be approximately $73 billion in 2020.


For the Israeli water industry, the opportunity is enormous. Texas water market is estimated at $9 billion, with 4600 public water utilities, 5000+ corporate facilities, refineries, manufacturing plants, thousands of farms and ranches, and dozens of major institutions and universities.


Our organization has had detailed discussions with a number of strategic leaders across Texas, and we would like to share some indications of the extreme interest.


The Texas-Israel Alliance’s Water Initiative is about developing, spearheading, and leveraging strategic government and industry relationships to create the incentives necessary to launch bold new initiatives in water in Texas.

Israel leads the world in water innovation in areas as diverse as leakage, farming efficiency, recycling waste, desalination, aquifer storage, oil and gas industry water efficiency, etc. Israel has created a veritable water revolution unlike anywhere in the world, and the Texas-Israel Alliance is committed to helping the state of Texas leverage this diverse solutions.

The Texas-Israel Alliance has formed the Texas Water Committee and an Israeli Water Advisory Council comprising Israel's leading water experts, all of whom serve either in academic or governmental roles (avoiding conflicts of interest), who will advise governmental leadership in Texas on how best to leverage cutting edge water management technology. The Texas Water Committee includes all state entities that manage water resources within the state of Texas.


As a non-profit, we do not receive commission from any business deals made. Our only goal is play an important role in strengthening the Texas economy through water resource management systems from our greatest ally, Israel.

Texas-Israel Alliance Water Initiative Info Graphic


January 30th 2019

SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 98, Sponsored by State Senator (D) Jose Rodriguez

HOUSE RESOLUTION No. 111, Sponsored by State Representative (R) Phil King


WHEREAS, Israel ’s water management policies have placed it at the forefront of innovation, and the Lone Star State is fortunate to share in the exchange of knowledge through its close relationship with Israel and the efforts of the Texas-Israel Alliance, as well as ongoing efforts by the Jewish Federations of Texas, Hadassah, and other organizations in the Texas Jewish community, as well as the broader pro-Israel community composed of all faiths and political affiliations; and


WHEREAS, Although drought is a perennial problem in Texas, the state is only 12 percent desert, while Israel is 60 percent desert and 40 percent semiarid land; determined to "make the desert bloom," Israel has enjoyed spectacular success through a combination of strong water policy, cutting-edge water-saving technologies, and the diversification of water sources; and


WHEREAS, The Texas-Israel Alliance established the Israel-Texas Water Initiative with a team of five Israeli and four Texan experts; together, they have worked to identify technologies and methods developed by Israel that can be implemented by local water utilities or mandated through legislation; and


WHEREAS, Droughts exact an enormous economic and human toll on our state, but as we look for creative, innovative solutions, our enduring partnership with Israel is improving our ability to strengthen drought resiliency and act as effective stewards of critical water resources; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 86th Legislature, hereby recognize the nation of Israel for its outstanding achievements in water management; and, be it further


RESOLVED, That the Texas Senate express appreciation for the important contributions of the Texas-Israel Alliance and the advisers in its Israel-Texas Water Initiative, the Jewish Federations of Texas, Hadassah, and other organizations in the Texas Jewish community, as well as the broader pro-Israel community composed of all faiths and political affiliations. RodrÕguez