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Texas-Israel Work Abroad Scholarship

Our mission is to foster the next generation of Texas-Israel collaboration, which will lead to important global solutions in areas as critical and diverse as water, energy, defense, and healthcare.  We empower top graduate school students from across Texas and Israel to learn about exciting business and technology opportunities in the other Lone Star State, in order to leverage each others competitive edge in business and technology.
The experience, insight, and inspiration that students gain from these educational opportunities will drive prosperity, innovation, and partnership in Texas and Israel for generations to come.  Texas business acumen in partnership with Israeli technological ingenuity can generate and deliver life-changing technology solutions to communities worldwide.

Students within the Texas-Israel Work Abroad Scholarship will secure internships in Israeli and Texas companies during their graduate degree programs at participating educational institutions. The Texas-Israel Scholars are the best and the brightest that Texas and Israeli schools have to offer. They demonstrate the intellect, rigor, and dedication that characterize leadership.
Texas-Israel Scholars will be awarded stipend amounts of $5,000 for 3-6 month internships.
To conclude the scholarship program, Texas-Israel Scholars will present before fellow students and faculty members the insight they have gained from their cross-cultural business experiences.
In 2018, participating universities include The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business, Southern Methodist University (SMU) – Cox School of Business, and Ben-Gurion University.

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