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Chicago, another U.S. City To Strengthen Economic Ties With Israel

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As highlighted in, “Houston & Israel: The Beginning of a Beautiful Economic Alliance,” the city of Houston, Texas is seeking to expand economic ties with the country of Israel. Houston, however, is not the only U.S. town interested in this type of collaboration. In fact, the city of Chicago, Illinois is also planning to expand economic relations with the Jewish state, currently in the particular area of water development!

Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor of Chicago, last week led a delegation of Chicago business figures, healthcare experts, investors and academics to Israel to open more doors for the “Windy City” to work with the “Start-up Nation” in other areas of technology.

During the visit, the Chicago mayor signed an agreement last Monday (9/11) that is referred to as a “Memorandum of Understanding” between Chicago’s Current research consortium and the Jewish state’s Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. The agreement aims to bring together both academic research institutions in the pursuit of improving water technology developments to better combat global water challenges. According to the Israeli GPO (Government Press Office) news, Mayor Emanuel commented on the agreement, “Working together to develop solutions to water challenges will strengthen economic development and protect public health in both Israel and the U.S. and far beyond.”

Although, the Windy City and the Lone Star State have stark differences in culture and economic interests, the potential technological collaborations between Chicago and Israel that can result from this visit and water research agreement may be able to expose Texas companies to also consider partnering with the Jewish State in areas of economic overlap such as healthcare and water technology. Thus, the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce will keep readers up to date of any further developments made during the visit!


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